Event Icebreakers for Company Meetings

Event Icebreakers for Company Meetings

The perfect icebreaker for a meeting should get people into a comfortable mood to contribute to conversations in a group setting. Event planners in Hammonton, New Jersey suggest that facilitators have everyone in the group speak briefly to accommodate everyone in the group. (For bigger events, attendees can be divided into smaller groups.) In addition, it is important to keep in mind your intentions, which is for people to listen and interact to and with each other, without worrying about what they’re going to say when their turn comes.

So, give out paper and pens. People can write down their thoughts, instead of trying to keep their talking points straight in their heads while they’re waiting.

Meeting icebreakers can be short, and they can definitely be fun. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Common Ground.
    Divide people into pairs and have each pair come up with the two most interesting things they have in common. Each individual presents one of their commonalities to the entire group.
  • Lists of Five.
    In groups of 2-5, participants come up with a quick ‘list of five’. Five what? That’s up to you. Tailor the topic of the lists to the topic of the meeting, and people will discover friendly commonalities and differences on the subject that brings them together.

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