How to Prepare for a Safer Event

How to Prepare for a Safer Event

The fast and rampant spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is most likely at the top of your mind as you are planning your events. EXQUISITE EVENTS RESORT stands with you, ready to support your needs to ensure that you and your audience are well-prepared and safe.

Here are a few recommendations that an event planner in Hammonton, New Jersey can do to prepare for event safety:

  • Keep in line with precautions: Consider monitoring trusted sources (e.g. the WHO) to maximize your well-being as well as your team’s and attendees’.
  • Evaluate your agenda and find out what other opportunities there are to reduce the risk of transferring illnesses. For a networking event, you might want to discourage your participants from shaking hands or giving each other high-fives.
  • Lastly, communicate with your attendees and let them know about the precautionary measures your event is carrying out. This may include staying home if you’re not feeling well or encouraging the use of hand sanitizers at every opportunity.

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