The Right Way to Send Invitations

The Right Way to Send Invitations

Guests make the celebrations memorable and fun. We throw parties to share special events in life with loved ones. But what is the proper way to invite them?

We, here at EXQUISITE EVENTS RESORTS, will give you the breakdown of how you can send your invitations the right way. As an event planner in Hammonton, New Jersey, we will help you prepare invites that even guests can’t wait for the party.

When planning for a party, one should send invites that allow convenience for guests. They are, after all, the lives of the party. One should think about the tone to use whether the event is formal or not. Basic details such as event title, date, time, and location should be clear enough for everyone to read. Stating dress codes, if there are any, is also a must. You should also indicate in the invitation whether your guests can bring someone else or not. As one of the top event venues in New Jersey, you can better plan your guest list if you ask them to RSVP through your contact details.

Traditionally, sending of invitations is done six to eight weeks before the event to give your guests enough time to schedule it as well. For destination events, you should send out the invitations three months before to help your guests plan their travel arrangements as well. Our Event decorations in New Jersey can also help you decide on an invitation design suited to the theme.

We also offer event furniture rental to complete your celebrations.

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