The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist

The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist

Whether you own a party planning business or you’re just throwing an event for family and friends, this party planning checklist will help you get organized before the big day!

Utilizing a party planning checklist and making an event timeline are just some of the many things you do to ensure everything involved in your event goes smoothly. Even if you don’t have any experience with party planning, you can still throw a memorable get-together.

Ultimately, parties are about bringing people together and having fun. Keeping this in mind throughout the process and using it as a compass as you make your major party planning decisions is a foolproof way to throw one of the best parties of all time.

Your Party Planning Checklist

Depending on your party planning experience, what time of year it is, and how large or complex you think the party will be, you’ll want to begin preparation as soon as possible! Here are a couple of things you can do it:

  • Choose an appropriate theme for your party.
  • Determine your budget. A party actually costs around $30-$60 per person.
  • Choose a few date and time options for the event.
  • Book an event venue. 69% of event planners select venues based on word of mouth recommendations. Consult your event planner for the top event venues in New Jersey.
  • Make a guest list. Guest list etiquette states that party planners should give hosts or key stakeholders a strict number of people they can invite. Ask help from your local event planner in Hammonton, New Jersey with planning the guest list.

Whether you’re making an 80th birthday party planning checklist or a casual office get together, keep the following template handy as you begin the process of creating a fun-filled event for your loved ones or colleagues.

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