Things Not to Get Your Event Planner Friend this Holiday

Things Not to Get Your Event Planner Friend this Holiday

With the holidays fast approaching, you may have started picturing out what special things you would gift your family and friends. And while it might be tempting to wrap up office supplies for the event planner in your social circle, you can be less predictable this year by taking these 3 things from your gift list.

Here’s what you should not get your event-planner friend:

  1. Planner.

    Getting a planner for an event planner in Hammonton, New Jersey might sound like the perfect present. What you don’t know is that nine other friends are planning to get them the same thing!

    It is expected for your friend to have a planner since planning events is their job. Think of another gift like setting a spa and massage appointment. This will help them relax and enjoy after a tough day.

  2. A coffee mug.
    Another mug will surely be added to their long list of unused ones if you dare buy one. Why not consider purchasing a gift card to their favorite coffee cafe? This way, they can enjoy the coffee they so love freely and happily. Wouldn’t that be a great idea?
  3. Re-gifted items.
    If you’re having trouble thinking of something original, you could always get them a gift card to a nice restaurant. Everyone loves a good meal, especially party planners. Just make sure that the foods offered in your chosen location do not interfere with your friend’s allergy and taste.

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