Ways to Crash-Proof Your Weddings at Outdoor Venues

Ways to Crash-Proof Your Weddings at Outdoor Venues

Have you ever thought about what to do if it rains on your outdoor party?

Outdoor venues for weddings and events can be absolutely gorgeous. But after you book it, you might be thinking, “What do I do if it rains on this wedding day?”

Whether you’re planning ahead or you’re just now seeing the forecast, these tips and tricks will make sure all guests have a wonderful time, no matter what.

Creative Backup Plans for Outdoor Venues

  • Get event insurance.
    Special event insurance exists for bad weather and rain. It can help protect against financial loss, covering everything from drizzle on and off the reception to a full-on hail storm throughout the day.
  • Prepare a second location just in case.
    Creative, out of the box thinking will help you pull together another venue option if worse comes to worst.
  • Brief your guests on what the plan is.
    Communication with your guests is very important, especially if you’re changing venues at the last minute. Hire an event planner in Hammonton, New Jersey to better handle this situation.
  • Talk to the venue coordinator.
    Even if wedding planning is mostly DIY, you are not alone. Your outdoor wedding venue coordinator has probably seen his or her fair share of parades get rained on at their location. They’ll be a wealth of knowledge not only when it comes to top event venues in New Jersey but also alternative options and creative ways to keep guests dry at their unique space.
  • Check in with your suppliers about their bad weather policies.
    Live performers, event furniture rentals, and even some caterers will limit or cancel if the weather is too rough for them to properly do their jobs. Bad weather policies and back up plans are considered one of the top must-ask wedding vendor questions.

There’s nothing you can do to control the weather, so just control the controllable! Follow these steps and use the right event tools, and you’ll still have an incredible day.

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