Ways to Improve Your Event Description

Ways to Improve Your Event Description

In the previous article, we discussed that a faulty event description is one of the mistakes that can derail an event manager’s marketing efforts. Today, EXQUISITE EVENTS RESORT is offering our readers a guide to the few things every event planner in Hammonton, New Jersey can (and should) do to improve their event description game:

  • Create a specific tone for your event and stick to it. This way, you and your marketing team have an outline to follow. This can ensure your event brand is always consistent.
  • Remember to put in the essentials: time, ticket price, location and venue, lineup or speakers, and other important details.
  • Find the middle path. Your description needs to capture the benefits of attending your event in a concise manner. Avoid jargon, large words, and complex sentences.
  • Make sure your description is optimized to fit the channel that you are putting it into. Not only will there be word length limitations, but each medium also has a different user demographic that you have to consider.

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