Your Description Might Be Harming Your Event

Your Description Might Be Harming Your Event

Spending hours brewing up the perfect event description is all fun and games until your words don’t attract the sales you had initially hoped for. With so many promotional and planning responsibilities an event manager has piled up on his or her plate, finding the time to go back and rewrite what you wrote can be difficult.

However, an event description is more often than not the first (and maybe only) chance you have to make an impression on your audience and convince them to purchase tickets.

Here’s a list of four common reasons why your event description might be hurting your attendance rates:

  1. Your description holds no personality
  2. You did not list down the important details for your event
  3. You do the opposite and overwhelm your audience with too much information
  4. Your description is not formatted to fit your channel/market

Hiring a capable event planner in Hammonton, New Jersey might be one of the best ways for you to solve this little situation.

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