Common Event Planning Ethics & Etiquette Violations

Common Event Planning Ethics & Etiquette Violations

If you’ve ever scoped out a “Code of Ethics” for professional event planners in Hammonton, New Jersey, you already know that there are a lot of issues worth keeping in mind no matter how much experience you have.

Here are the main ethical issues in event management you can expect to face at some point in your career:

  • Not communicating with clients and partners in a timely manner.
    Falling behind on emails or texts isn’t a crime. But if you don’t respond to clients and partners in time, you run the risk of putting them in uncomfortable positions. Punctuality is a value you might want to develop when working in the industry.
  • Bribing your guests.
    Awesome gift bags are part of the event experience, especially when you’re trying to land some new accounts or upgrade high paying clients to bigger, better packages. But are new iPhones and bottles of Chanel perfume considered a generous gift or a full-on bribe?
  • Stealing event design ideas.
    Who doesn’t love perusing Pinterest for some event inspiration? Well, it turns out there’s a difference between inspiration and theft, so you need to know what that is. When all else fails, you can always opt to work with professionals who can help you form a decision in terms of your design. EXQUISITE EVENTS RESORT has services meant to aid you with designing the perfect event at top event venues in New Jersey.

We offer a wide range of services, including event furniture rental made to appeal to each customer’s unique needs and tastes. For inquiries, you can call us at 609-704-5676.

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